I love nothing. I want nothing. I need nothing. Will you be my nothing? STABBED PAGES


Once in a while, I think of calling you, And confess to you all my fears; But then, for some reason I don’t, I’m afraid it will make them more real. Afraid that the ghosts that haunt my thoughts, Will suddenly emerge and chase me, Scare me, drive me away from the world I know,…

Dark Posts

I stare at the blank page,Never knowing what to write.My viewers must be tired of my dark posts,But I simply can’t seem to find any light.Maybe rather than looking for inspiration in myself,I should try to find it outside,Because I am full of nothing but darkness,Here we go with the same melancholy.Oh, Satan, I try…


You say that you love me, And I just stare at you, taken aback. Then suddenly I look down and say, “Well then I hope you love black, Because behind this veil of utter perfection, Darling, darkness is all I am.”


And I dont always reach in time, I know I’m not always there. More often than not I don’t even show up, Darling, I know it’s unfair. I try to assure you each time we meet, That honey, I won’t be too long, And I know that you’ve stopped expecting me, And I’m sorry for…

Soft Things Don’t Break

I wish sometimes for a softer heart, That I can easily give away, At least soft things don’t break. A finger slips here and there, And my crystal heart shatters. So sometimes I wish for a softer heart, At least soft things don’t break.

Too Much

I scoffed, I couldn’t help it “You know you love me too much.” He told me. Oh boy, was he wrong. Anyways, he’s dead now.


The only problem is that I am never at ease, That that gaping hole in my heart is never filled. I haven’t found another person for your lead role, But when I do, I promise, once again I’ll be whole.


“Why was it him?” you asked me, sipping on some hot chocolate. “I don’t know.” I replied, looking for a reason and finding a hundred, But it was by far over now, even before the start, I guess that’s just how some love stories end.


The paved road led right up to a creaky house, Bright light shining out through a window, Utter silence filled the darkness around, It doesn’t seem all that inviting, but I’ll still go in (just so someone knows). And in case I don’t return, dear readers, You’ll know whom to blame, Whatever monster lives in…


The films were back on, Like every other late night. The telly blared in front of me, The usual violent fights. The raw meat in the kitchen, I think I’ll order today too, No darling, it’s just a sign, That I will never fall out of my love for you.


After loving him so much, I couldn’t stop completely, ‘Cause love love doesn’t end with a period, darling it ends with three…


A few days every month, Everything gets on my nerves. My pages dissolve in ink, And my world dissolves in blood. Sometimes I do wonder why, Girls feel all the pain. Why boys get water in storms, While girls get bloody rains. Why girls get two mountains, To carry on their chests, And yet they…


I just hope that someday you can give me, The love that I deserve. A heart that’s been broken, stabbed, cheated and burnt, And yet, somehow it still loves.


you were just the beginning of yet another lie, just another shiny thing that had caught my eye. and once it did, i couldn’t take it off, and now my friends say that, darling, i’m in love. is it true? am i really in love with someone like you? ball and chains, handcuffs, doors barred,…


you were my everything, until you became my nothing.


wish i could say that we were meant to be, that it was written in the stars, our destiny, that we crossed paths and our fates were sealed, and when the stars would align, it would be you and me. it’s just that i don’t believe in fairy tales, or God as an excuse, don’t…


she was my beautiful angel, complete with a fiery whip, brown hair that fell down her back and cherry blossom lips. when i was haunted by the vacant silence of the night, her soft breath turned into my lullaby. and now that she’s here no more, my sleep too walked away with her.

Meant To Be

if this is the end of the world, will you hold my hand and stand it by me? and even if we weren’t, can we pretend like we were meant to be? can we pretend for the last few seconds, that if the stars had had time to align, i would have ended up being…


i was that bottle of old wine at home, filled with secrets no one knew. and maybe it was my fault, for being naive enough to trust you. but you seemed like a good vessel, to fill my secrets into, but you were just another common glass, that everyone drank through.

Memory Lane

Let’s go for a walk down the memory lane, The people and places I’d known. And things that had worked out at a point, But nowadays they somehow don’t. The places where I wanna go has changed, And the paces where I’m wanted most. So let’s cheer and applaud for everything that went fine, For…

Your Name

your name reminds me af sleepless nights, many a poems still hidden inside, the scars on my hand that spell your name, the tears i shed into the moonlight. your name means so much to me, so how did just a few letters suffice?

The Truth Of Me

When my world dissolves in blue, Can I be counting on you? When the darkness engulfs my mind, Will you drag me along or leave me behind? Even as I yell at you to leave, Will you sit there and watch me cry? What would you rather do, Tell me the bitter truth or a…


devils dont fall asleep, at least not until three. devils dont cry in tears, not hardcore ones like me. devils dont fall in love, with devils like you. and that makes me less of a devil, that’s true. devils have diamond hearts, that never shatter or break. so i realized i wasnt a devil after…

Real Friends

You call me when you need me, when you don’t, we never met. And I know that we ain’t enemies, But I wouldn’t really call you a friend. You leave and you stay, however you like, Like a ravenous vulture, you scavenge on my life. You pick up the bits and pieces that I left…


“cry me a river and drown in it, ’cause you won’t wanna face my tsunami. you can talk like me, in fluent sass, you can clad yourself in white and black. you can follow me and learn my ways, get a life darling, you’ll remain the same. you can do your hair like i do…


I know that I should either love him or not. It should be either black or white. But I’m too afraid of doing black, and I simply cannot do white… so my love comes in grey.


i tried to push away the tears, wasn’t this softness allowed? did’t this sense of self-pity, fit me well into the crowd? didn’t those tears that choked me also wash away the sorrow, and did it not bring new hope in my heart for a different tomorrow ? and even the bravest of hearts, sometimes…

The Poetry

I’d done away with almost everything, The sunny morning memories. Everything to do with him, All except the poetry. My friends, they asked why that was, If I’d still not gotten over his loss. If deep down inside I still loved him, And this was just a break, a pause. How do I tell them…


it grins, knowing that even my mind loves him.


They tell me to follow my heart, but I choose my brain instead, Because my heart will either lead into your arms or the arms of Death.


I don’t want a perfect life. I want twists and turns and sharp, jagged edges. Sharp, jagged edges that just happened to fit perfectly into yours.


love me and trust me and you won’t end up that way…


’cause darling, i might have been under your spell, but i’m a tad bit smarter now


we sat in the library, taking in the sweet scent of the books. my favourite book lay open on my lap and i slouched over it, reading it for the 100th time. you had a book i had recommended to you on the table that stretched between us. it was a pity that you weren’t…


This fickle world is full of bitter truths…


not full of glitches, maybe i am the glitch.


if you ever need…




but i was much much better off running from monsters in that maze,
than running away from my own thoughts in my heart’s tiny remains.


Just people I wished that I could have forgot…


They aren’t beauty spots, they are my battle scars.


when i said, “there’s never been a better view.”
i wasn’t talking about the sea,
i was talking about you.


Will you be there when the apocalypse hits?- so that we can admire the view together?

Break Of Dawn

I replied sadly, “As dawn broke, so did she.”


if i’m made of several layers- skin, blood, ink and dark, i don’t know what i despise more, the oblivion that really is me, or the acceptable skin i wished i were.


Just a tiny black patch, you disappeared into the light.


‘“Obliviate me…” I sobbed into her chest, begging her to make me forget. The wand in her hand twitched, but she shook her head unwillingly. She wouldn’t, she would never. “No,” she whispered, tears rolling down her cheeks, her arms wrapped around my mangled body. ‘We just sat there as the clock ticked away impatiently,…


And I can’t help but feel the absence of you in the air.